Travel, Street & Urban Photography Day Workshop

Day Tour Where You Photograph the City

I believe that the experience and the subjects of your photographs make the photography workshop ​as great as it is 

Prices & Options

3 hrs. tour €160
4 hrs. tour €200
Prices for your travel companion
If your travel partner photographs with mobile phone they’ll pay €25 only.
If your travel partner photographs with a camera;
3 hrs. tour €100
4 hrs. tour €120
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You will photograph on your day tour:

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The Experience:

  • Quality and fun tour with likeminded people who share the passion for travel and travel photography.
  • I will take you off the beaten track to where locals really live.
  • I will inspire you with thinking about travel photography and how to make more interesting photographs for yourself and for the people that will view your photographs.
  • Personal attention and authentic experience is what I give, I want you to feel comfortable and maximize the value you get out of this tour, therefore the groups are small, up to 6 participants.
  • I want you to feel like a local for a day and part of it is telling you about how it is to live in Amsterdam, about my life and about funny things that happened to me in this amazing city.

Special price for families and bigger groups

Please contact me.

Time and Place

Day tour begins at 10:00 AM next to the Art'otel Amsterdam entrance which is located opposite Centraal Station.

All tours are to be booked and paid in advance. Please read the FURTHER INFO page so you are aware of refunds and date change conditions.

Hi Inbal, we had so much fun with you! It was the best way to begin our vacation in Amsterdam! It was great! Sending you a big thank you as well as a big hug! Tova and Betty


Amsterdam Experience with a Local Photographer | Inbal Tur-Shalom

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