Travel, Street & Urban Photography Evening Workshop

Evening Tour Where You Photograph the City

It’s a little bit of day time, then comes the golden hour, followed by the blue hour and then it’s dark but street lights and boats leaving
light trail behind them…

Prices & Options

3 hrs. tour €190
4 hrs. tour €230
Prices for your travel companion
If your travel partner photographs with mobile phone they’ll pay €25 only.
If your travel partner photographs with a camera;
3 hrs. tour €120
4 hrs. tour €140

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Time and Place

Evening tour beginning time varies according to the sunset time. We will meet next to the Art'otel Amsterdam entrance which is located opposite Centraal Station just in time to get the perfect light!

We will begin the tour ahead of time to have some daytime shots. As the evening falls we will photograph the golden hour, followed by the blue hour and we’ll finish with night shots.

Amsterdam is always beautiful but at night it has a magical appeal and a different vibe! Amsterdam gets this vibrant cool night atmosphere, with the lighted bridges and the orangey street light that illuminates the narrow stone streets in a magical way.
This is the best time to take photos that you’ll be proud of long after your vacation! I will take you to the most photogenic spots to photograph the sunset, we’ll practice night photography techniques and we will photograph the boats leaving stripes of light as they pass by in the magical canals.
If you are not experienced with night photography Don’t worry about it! I promise you that in a short time you will get the idea. I will explain it all in simple language and practical way easy to implement including tips how to achieve a professional look to your photos as well as long exposure options of usage.
* For the evening tour, we will use a tripod, if you plan not to bring your own tripod, I have tripods available to hire for €9 each/tour.

The first part of this tour begins at daylight, then sunset and night so you get all the spectrum of lights

The 4 hrs. tour

All tours are to be booked and paid in advance. Please read the FURTHER INFO page so you are aware of refunds and date change conditions.
The perfect experience! I will take you to spots that I think are a must for an evening photography tour! We will take the time needed to find the perfect composition and for long exposures and we can fit it all in 4 hours.
We will visit spots off the beaten track and in some of the most beautiful place located in the outskirts of the center. Imagine the classic postcards of Amsterdam…canals, bridges, romantic sunset…
I want you to have an authentic experience and give you all the attention you need therefore the tour is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Hi Inbal, it was definitely an interesting and fun tour! Shaked and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you so much! Sagi & Shaked


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