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"I have traveled a lot to many directions, lived here and there and have a business degree. I love cooking and eating and should limit myself with that, enjoy a nice glass of wine, listen to a variety of music genres and styles, appreciate the Cohen brothers’ movies, curious about other people and their story, adore cats although I'm really allergic to them”.


Inbal Tur-Shalom is a professional photographer specializes in Architecture Photography, Portraits Photography, Travel Photography, and she sells prints of her work via Redbubble platform.

Since 2014, Inbal began to guide tourists in The Netherlands and she offers photography related tours; as private photography workshops and photographing tourists during their tour, as well as non-photography related tours.


Why travel with me?

I live in Amsterdam itself, I’m working with Dutch people as well as with tourists, I know the Netherlands and especially Amsterdam from a local point of view and from an immigrant points of view, and I’m well informed with the touristy side as well. I learn and enrich my knowledge all the time and explore the Dutch culture with my natural curiosity. I keep track with local news, and of course I learn a lot through my personal contacts with Dutch people.

I love telling stories and explaining things; visible and invisible, the underlayers of this fascinating country. During the tours I might use dry humor and for sure I will show you a different Netherlands. In first glans The Netherlands might seem to be on one hand quiet and easy-going and on the other hand has extensive drugs and prostitution usage. The tours are a genuine experience, it’s like walking with an old friend in her back yard.


You can read reviews about my tours, workshops and photography on the TESTIMONIALS page, on Google and on TripAdvisor.


Would you like to explore Amsterdam with me? Contact me now - Here.  


In the media:


Interview for the Israeli TV Kan 11 (HE)


Xnet (HE)

Masa (HE)

Haaretz (HE)


Haaretz (HE)

Ynet (HE)

And till we meet… 

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Photos I took during my travels around the world. To see the enlarged photo's in their correct aspect ratio, please lick on the photo's.

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