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Amsterdam is an endless city and has many faces, with some unique areas, as the Red Light District, and fascinating history, from a small fishermen village to a cosmopolitan capital of the Netherlands and the special story of the former Jewish quarter.


Let me take you through the canals and alleys, streets and squares, and tell you the story of this intriguing city. I will convey interesting details about life in Amsterdam, you will get tips about the best places in the city, how to approach Dutch people and you will experience how it is to be a local in Mokum (Amsterdam).


The Heart of Amsterdam Walking Tour

A 2 hours day walking tour from Dam square to Rembrandt square, through the old part of Amsterdam, including a part of Amsterdam Museum, a hidden courtyard, the flower market and more.

In this tour I tell about how it all began, about the history, architecture and culture, how it is to live in the Netherlands and how everything here has to do with the water and with religion.

This tour will give you good knowledge about the Netherlands and Dutch people, how this country works and what makes them tick, and you will get to know your way around the heart of the city.


Jewish Amsterdam Walking Tour

A 2 or 3 hours walking tour in the former Jewish quarter of Amsterdam. We will pass by the Portuguese synagogue, the Jewish Museum, the former Jewish market, the Dutch theater that became a deportation center, monuments and more.

In this tour I tell about the history of Jews in Amsterdam, from where and why they immigrated to the Netherlands, about their integration and influence on Dutch society, about WW-2, what the situation is today and more.

This tour will give you a good understanding about Jewish life in Amsterdam and how the majority of the Jewish community in the Netherlands became nearly extinct yet continued to survive and even thrive today.  


The Red-Light District Walking Tour

A 2 hours day or evening walking tour in the district where prostitutes in windows are working.

In this tour I tell about how it all began and why, how it evolved to what it is today, the Dutch law, how does it work and how much it costs, what is the current situation and what is the plan for the future, and more.

This tour will give you a good insight from a social point of view into this controversial subject and different world that most of us don't know, as well as the economic and political forces behind it. 

Recommended after taking the Best of Amsterdam Tour.


Architecture Walking Tour

A 3½-4 hours tour or 4½-5 hours walking tour combined with tram rides. In this tour, I will tell you the story of the Netherlands and Amsterdam through the local architecture in the different eras, the buildings themselves, the interior layout of the houses and apartments according to the style of the time and the social-economic situation of the tenants, who were the house owners, building methods and the urban planning. I will tell you how it all began, about the development and the economic, social and political forces that influenced the architecture and about future plans. In this tour, we will go through the different eras; medieval, the Dutch golden age, the beginning of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

I am passionate about architecture and that’s why I specialize in architecture photography, interiors and exteriors.


The Rijksmuseum

A 2 hours day walking tour in the celebrated national museum. In this tour I tell about the building itself and about the paintings and painters from the Dutch golden age as Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Vermeer. I tell about the symbols in the paintings, composition, brush strokes, criticism about the Dutch society of the time and more, and all in a light manner that will explain the 'behind the scenes' of the paintings and will give you understanding and meaning to what you see.


Photography Workshops in Amsterdam

Wish you understood your camera better? Or are your photos a mix of “hit and miss” and you don’t know why? Do you have some understanding of photography but lack the confidence? Looking to improve your photographs? Want to take photos with a "wow" factor? 

Let me help you improve your technique and composition in a practical, simple to understand way while you capture photos of people, the most beautiful canal houses and interesting houseboats, bridges and of course bicycles in a private or group, day or evening, Photography Workshop that will go through the most photogenic spots in the labyrinth of Amsterdam.


Personal Photographer in Amsterdam 

Consider the photos you took during your last vacation: the adorable one of the kids in front of that fountain turned out blurry, the romantic shot of you and your partner got invaded by a rogue thumb over the lens, and that memorable friends’ pic the guide took on your mobile phone didn’t quite capture the moment. What a shame!

Let me take top quality photos of you, your family and friends, of your surprise marriage proposal, engagement and love photo shoot with the most beautiful backdrops of Amsterdam. You will also learn a bit about the history, culture and life in Amsterdam along the way.

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  • All tours are private.

  • You can choose for one or more tours to be carried out in one day or in multiple days.

  • You haven’t found a tour that is right for you? Contact me, tell me what interests you and I will tailor a tour that will fit exactly to your liking.

  • Price vary according to the number of participants and the duration of the tour/s.

  • All tours are to be booked and paid in advance.

  • please read the INFO page so you are aware of refunds, date change conditions and further information. 



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